I currently supervise the following students:

PhD students:

Mr. Laknath Buddhika Semage (Reinforcement learning for physics-based tasks)

Ms. Manisha Senadeera (Empathetic reinforcement learning)

Bachelors Honors students:

Mr. Bob La (Explainable reinforcement learning for real world robotics applications)

I have also previously co-supervised interns who worked in our robotics lab:


Mr. Samuel Alexander

Mr. Surya Palaniswamy


30.501: Modeling of Multi-energy systems at Singapore University of Technology and Design (Sept-Dec, 2014):

Graduate level course, where I taught (including preparing lecture notes, slides, delivery of lectures, assignments, tests and grading) the sections on Bond Graph Modeling.

1.400 Capstone at Singapore University of Technology and Design (Jan-Aug, 2016):

2 Term multidisciplinary undergraduate course that I co-taught with Dr. Bige Tuncer. My duties included mentoring and managing 7 multidisciplinary projects, co-funded by various industry partners. I was awarded the Graduate teaching excellence award in 2017 for my efforts in this course.


End of year exhibition with one of the Capstone teams